Hula Hooping- Lose Weight with the Hoola Hoop and Stay Fit


Hula Hooping Fitness Exercise: It Is Fun and Great for Weight Loss

Hula hooping was around when I was a kid in the sixties and it was fun then. I was a bit of a klutz and very skinny, but my sister was good at it. Now, it is back in style and with much more knowledge behind it. There are specific fitness routines that are great for targetting the waist and other areas. It works quickly and it actually doesn't feel like a boring work out you dread.

There are lots of types of hula hoops. For instance there are weighted hula hoops, magnetic ones and . But really all you need to do is put it around your waist and you'll get a fantastic workout . Just use it a few minutes a day to begin with. This is inexpensive, something you can take anywhere, easy to figure out and most importantly fun. You don't take yourself so seriously and yet you can tell you really are using your muscles. I realize that it is like dance, it burns calories but you don't think of it as exercising.

Find a hoola hooping friend as a buddy and agree to get together a few times a week. Or use it alone just during tv commercials. The weighted hoola hoops will add intensity. You can find both adult hula hoops as well as mini ones. There are also varieties such as whamo hoola hoops and sports hula hoops.  This is a family activity too. If you have a teen that has an attitude, this will get them laughing. It is hard to not change your attitude with this type of activity. You feel silly but in a good way and don't it is very good for the ego to get rid of the sense of baggage it carries around and daily pressures.